Take Your Reading to the Next Level With These 3 Habits

You can go to the internet and read about the multitudinous benefits of reading covered extensively in research studies. Here instead, I will be discussing some strategies to reading that will help immensely in getting the most out of your time and making you smarter.  Continue reading “Take Your Reading to the Next Level With These 3 Habits”

Here’s the Kind of Gift That Works for Any Occasion!

“Gee, what should I get him? I mean, he’s rich: he could get himself anything!”

True, he probably does have all the money to spend on extravagant clothing, manly-smelling cologne, and luxury cars. But what is the one gift that even millionaires wouldn’t dare return? Continue reading “Here’s the Kind of Gift That Works for Any Occasion!”

Here’s the #1 Approach to Follow When Giving Advice

Let’s face it: nobody likes being told what to do. No matter how good your intentions are or how much you care about the other person, the instant you try to be somebody else’s counselor, you’re booted out of the other person’s head. That is, unless, you have background knowledge or are experienced!

But not to worry if you’ve never dealt with a particular situation. See it as an opportunity to get to know more about the person’s motives and ask the right questions! Continue reading “Here’s the #1 Approach to Follow When Giving Advice”

Modern Day Methods to Escape Writer’s Block

Not every writer can discipline themselves to set aside time to write on a scheduled basis. Some writers only write when they are either inspired, or simply must out of necessity—the Schaffer Paragraphs continue to haunt me till this day. Whether we decide to write for ourselves or an audience, our mind creates what it is able to produce before we reach a roadblock: the writer’s blockContinue reading “Modern Day Methods to Escape Writer’s Block”