Invest in Yourself Before the Rest!

For all you readers who are thinking about making a dramatic change in your life, you need to read this.

During my college years, I faced what was every student’s worst nightmare: Choosing a degree. The struggle gets real finding a fine balance among these three criteria:

  • Passion- Would I enjoy doing it?
  • Talent- Can I do it?
  • Financial stability – Will I be able to support myself?

Anyone sensible will quickly realize that fulfilling just one of the three is not enough when deciding such a long-term commitment. The decision making process becomes exacerbated when we have to work tirelessly to care for our family, work irregular shifts, and deal with all kinds of personal life problems just to get where we want to be (or where we think we might want to be).

It so happens that if you are looking to find a well paying job that will enable you to fulfill your dreams to raise a family, live comfortably, help others, or do whatever is on your agenda, this CAN become a reality! It’s only wishful thinking, however, if your mind is naïve enough to think too highly (or lowly) of yourself.

Be Unique!


Photo by: tenz1225


Distinguish yourself as a character of value and interest to others. You need to do a self-examination to assess what it is you want to ultimately achieve, what necessary skills are needed to achieve it, and how you will go about learning these skills. I approach this by asking myself the big question you likely hear in job interviews: “Why should I hire you?” Ultimately, you’ll want to reframe the question for yourself like this:

What makes me different from the rest.

If you aren’t impressed by your own capabilities, then you aren’t going to impress anyone; you have to be PROUD of what you can do and what you know about a subject or field if you hope to impact the industry of your choosing. You then become that much more interesting to an employer as well as the people around you.

If you can’t stand Mondays, it’s a sure sign you need to work on building yourself. Why settle for mediocrity? Fight for a better life and you will find yourself helping more than just yourself in the long run!

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