Letting go of Your Past

We all have a dream to go back in time and control the present moment. But, unfortunately, we aren’t quite that privileged. So what’s the next best thing? Why, moving forward of course.

Feelings of regret can stick like demons in your head that you just want out; nothing good comes from sulking over the people you’ve hurt, or the times you’ve failed in life. And I bet if you are anything like me, you have tried to fix your problems on your own by scouring the internet for advice, and reading on people’s testimonials. But even then, sometimes those just aren’t enough to break free from that lingering hurt and you don’t feel like sharing your feelings with anyone.

One thing is undoubtedly certain though: you need to find a way out.

Photo by: Brian Pirie

Just think, everyone else is living the good life and you are stuck feeling miserable. Why is that??? It doesn’t have to be this way AT ALL! I can assure you that we all have our own faults, tendencies, and obstacles that break us down one way or another. But we have to have these in our life or else we wouldn’t learn! Where’s the growth?

Any time you’ve made mistakes in life, you’ve at least tried to create some kind of meaning out of it. Perhaps you’ve said to yourself, “I won’t do THAT again!”, or taken up some kind of other vow: Haven’t those moments served you well till now? Because if they have, then make it clear to yourself, more than ever, whatever guilt you may feel now is not forever. In fact, you are rewarded greatly because you’ve reached such a low point in your life that you can make a drastic change from now for a better future and truly appreciate the learning experience

Photo by: Ly Thien Hoang (Lee)

Your past does not define who you are; its what you make of yourself from NOW. So don’t be negatively influenced by how people perceive you—let them remain blinded by the past with their egotistical mindset, while you move forward and give yourself a second chance. Isn’t that what we ask from people anyways? Well then, do it for yourself first and show others just how important you are.

If this post helped you, let me know in the comments below.

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