Becoming a Writer

Everyone wants to know the secrets behind good writing; what typical patterns do great authors use in their workflow to create the best pieces? How does one gain the reputation of a writer? Can anyone be a writer?

We do need to understand a thing or two before you dive straight into mastering this craft; because indeed it is an art that takes more than just having a wide range of vocabulary and grammar knowledge to be successful (In his book On Writing, Stephen King would agree). When I speak about writing, I am not referring to genres of business and law. Instead, I am talking about your own personal writing; what people want to actually read.

Every writer must think!

You see, thinking does not simply refer to finding great ideas to talk about, it’s also about the style of language you hope to use, how you plan to organize your ideas strategically, how you open your mind to criticism to make future changes to improve your writing, and learning to even break the “rules”.

You must be confident!

If you choose to play it safe and write conservatively according to society’s standards, give up becoming a writer altogether. You heard me: give up. 

One who regards himself as a writer acknowledges the weight of such a claim. In my university, I was blown away by creative samples of writing, drawn out beautifully by my peers. But I’ve also been equally surprised to see the kind of dull, rehashed writing format (the Schaffer paragraph to be exact) pass for an essay in a 400-level English course. Nothing but fear holds back these type of individuals who write pretentiously only to receive higher marks and fail to benefit from true growth. If you are serious about becoming a writer as you are succeeding in your career, don’t take advice from these so-called “writers”. Being a distinguished writer means unashamedly expressing your inner voice and writing your thoughts. Remember, everyone writes differently and not every writer is a good one, even if their works are published!

Anyone can draw, but not everyone can be an artist; anyone can take a picture, but not everyone can be a photographer; anyone can write, but not everyone can be a writer.

I’d like to hear from my readers: Name a writer whose works you regard praiseworthy.

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