Here’s the Kind of Gift That Works for Any Occasion!

“Gee, what should I get him? I mean, he’s rich: he could get himself anything!”

True, he probably does have all the money to spend on extravagant clothing, manly-smelling cologne, and luxury cars. But what is the one gift that even millionaires wouldn’t dare return? In times like these, the gift from the heart speaks for itself; nothing surprises better than a handcrafted one. Your loved one will squeeze the daylights out of you and even smother you with kisses from head to toe for giving the time, effort, sweat, and thought into the entire creative process. What also makes these gifts special is that they work even to mend broken hearts or reunite friendships. If you know exactly the kind of gift the other person wants, go for it. Otherwise, here are some of my examples I’ve done in the past.

Make a friendship bracelet

Photo by: Petr Cervinka

If you know how to braid hair, then you’ll love the simplicity of this (or the unutterable complexity in my case as I found myself making weaves, immediately feeling vexed for incorrectly crossing the different string colors and undoing the process only to repeat it once more). Making these can take a good chunk of time but it’s still very budget-friendly (about $10-15 for supplies). You can create different designs and watch YouTube tutorials to help guide you through the process.

Write a poem

I wrote this for a friend

Yes, poetry can be challenging for most of us—it’s not like all of us are Shakespearians to begin with. So, if you consider yourself to be an average writer and have the confidence to avoid writing doggerel you could temporarily pass as a poet for the occasion and maybe even see your work framed on a mantel. To get started, watch

Create a Mixtape

Photo by: Andreanna Moya

We live in the digital age so you can spare yourself the trouble of making a mixtape using cassettes. This can be a fun way to share memories of the songs you sang at that karaoke bar, on road trips, or just out and about with friends. Just grab yourself a blank CD-R and start burning some of his/her favorite tracks (and don’t forget to scribble artwork on the cd with sharpies like this).

Think Abstract!

Photo by: Eric

Your gift does not have to be a tangible item; think of venues, perhaps a restaurant, theatre, concert, or a resort, and make plans to go together! You could even throw a surprise party and invite friends to liven the experience. Gifts like these will be remembered and you won’t have to worry about him/her losing or breaking anything you give down the road.

Let me know in the comments below what was the most creative gift you’ve ever made!

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